How to use the MDS-Node with a dynamic number of Columns (feature selection)

Hi all,

I want to use a MDS note in a Clusteranalysis Workflow of mine.

Since i select the used Data per Workflow-Variable (date year) by Where Statement (year BETWEEN ... AND...)

the MDS Node warns "selected Column are not in spec!", whenever i change the TimeRange.I think it is because of a Correlation filter, which filters a different set of  columns, each timespace.

Well its only a warn, so a simple "apply" in the config is enough to make it work, but I do not whant to have to do this, because the Workflow should be startet over the commandline, without being forced to see  or even configure it.

I Wouble really appreciate some Ideas to fix this Bug since it is bothering me the hole day.

btw column selection via Wildcardexpression "*" or checking the the "allways use all attributes" box doesn´t do the job.

sencerely Simmers


the solution was to calculate a Distance Matrix, so the MDS node the recieves the same Column for each variable configuration, instead of a changing column list