how to use the row filter to delete rows containing nothing in a specific column?


I want to delete all the almost empty rows in my datastream. For that I want to select one column and if the field is empty the whole row gets deleted. I tried to go with the Row Filter Node, but I can’t select “nothing”. Who can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

Greetings, David

You can try Rule based Row Filter with MISSING function.

Hi @DvdFrcK

This combination in the Row Filter configuration selects all rows in which the column has a value (the missing values are excluded).


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Hi JanDuo,

I tried it but it does not work :thinking:

Hi izaychik63,

how is the syntax for this?

@DvdFrcK are the values you want to skip missing (shown as ? in the output), are they empty strings (like “”), or strings contains just spaces?

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I am not shure, the cells look empty (just empty white boxes) and I can not click on them to see whats saved inside. Could it be that it has someting to do with that the import ist from excel?

@DvdFrcK if it shows blank, it is not missing. That would show up as this questionmark.

You could as suggested by @izaychik63 use a Rule-Based Row Filter to capture all these blank situations in one go.

This would look like this, where $col$ is to be replaced by your column (just double click on it in the column list and it shows up between these $-signs):

MISSING $col$  OR $col$ = "" OR $col$ = " " => FALSE

You have to read/interpret the code lines in a Rule-Based Row filter as “the first line in which the condition is true is taken”, all other lines are ignored from that point on.

The first line selects all your fault situtations and the FALSE means it will be skipped from the result. The last line is to cater for the rest, i.e. the rows you want to include.


Hi JanDuo,

Thanks for your help! It works now :slight_smile:

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