How to use the type "Node-Set" produced with XPath ?

Dear all,
I've got a data table which contains the following columns:

 "DOCID" is of type "String",
"DRUGS" is the return type "Node-Set" from XPath. Itself contains a XML with //drug elements.

I need to go through each row of the table, and extract each of the //drugs elements, doing something with them and then accordingly add anew column with some results depending from the test I do on the //drug element.

Practically, I would like to obtain:

DOC1      DRUG1
DOC1      DRUG2


I've tried to use the TableRow To Variable Loop but unfortunately it does not accept XML as variable type.

XPath does not accept the "Node-Set" as input ... therefore have no way to loop through each element of the Node-Set ...

Looking forward your help !

dear All, this KNIME platform is really a genie.

The solution to my problem is Very easy ! Simply read (carefully) the Node description !

In this case, XPath node description clearly explains to use "Ungroup" on the Node-set created by XPath ... I did it .. and voila' ! It works !!

For the FAQ:
Q: how to use the result of a Node-Set (e.g. done by XPath) ?
A: use the node "Ungroup".


Thankyou !!