How to vlookup from multiple data

Hi, I would like to vlookup data from multiple sources into 1 column. Can you please advise how can I do?
The example that I have is as such: I would vlookup the data into column B from tab1, if the results of the vlookup shows as “see tab 2” and/or “see tab 3”. I would like to be able to perform the vlookup again on those specific results that says “see tab 2” and/or “see tab 3” from tab 2 or tab 3 to get my inputs into column B.

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If vlookup is based on one column then Cell Replacer node is the node to use. Regarding results “see tab 2” and/or “see tab 3” you would have to isolate such results (Rule-based Row Splitter) and then use above node again for these rows. At the end use Concatenate to bring rows back together.


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Let me try to work on this as I am relatively new to Knime and would get back should I have further queries.

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