How to write an excel with multiple sheets

Hi guys,
I need a little help with writing an excel file with multiple sheets. I tried using a previous workflow someone had posted but the nodes are now deprecated.

I have this table

and would like to make a loop that writes an excel file like this:

Since there are only two sheets I could do it manually but I have another table that would require 15 sheets. I attach my workflow below.

Help_excel_sheets.knar (146.0 KB)

Would greatly appreciate any help.

Hi @paularod , welcome to the Knime Community.

You have everything set properly, the only thing that you need to change is in the Excel Writer, and choose append instead of overwrite:

This is the result I get after switching to append:

You can see the 2 sheets got created by Knime.

FYI, in your workflow, the JOIN failed, because it’s looking for the column “Tipo de Lugar” from your second table (your table creator) which does not exist. I joined with column1 instead so I could proceed to the Excel Writer


it’s always the little things, I would have never figured it out, thank you so so much!!!


Hey @bruno29a, today I was wondering how difficult would it be to make a separate excel file on a loop for every unique value on the grouping variable. I made a few tries and searched the hub, I feel it should be fairly simple, any advice?

Hi @paularod , yes, it’s fairly simple. Just like you controlled the sheet names by a variable, you can do so with the file name via the path:


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