How To write in a column what words are in the text from the group of filtered words

How To write in a column which words are included in the text from the group of filtered words.

We have a group of words and if I write these words in the text, I get them with a filter. But I want to show in a separate column which word is filtered in the text.

phrase for filter

$Col4$ LIKE “* Railway Track works " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Rails " OR$Col4$ LIKE " sleepers " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Track components " OR$Col4$ LIKE " turnouts " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Reconditioning of rolling stock " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Rolling stock maintenance " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Railway signaling studies " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Train " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Metro " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Tramway " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Tram-trains " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Railway engineering " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Coaches " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Wheels " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Wheelsets " OR$Col4$ LIKE " Railway equipment *” =>TRUE

There is a list of filtered texts in the output table after filter, but I do not know which text was filtered due to which word. I want to sample


Instead of “OR”, write every criterion on the separate line with corresponding output like
$Col4$ LIKE “* Railway Track works " => “Railway, Track, works”
$Col4$ LIKE "
Rails *" => "Rails "
so on.

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The word detected in the filter word list …
I want to print in a column from which words come with a filter after filtering in the workflow.
For example, the output I want should be like this

sample.xlsx (81.6 KB)

@armingrudd I would like to get your opinion on the armin.

Hi @umutcankurt

Does this workflow filtered_words.knwf (214.6 KB) give you the inspiration to make some progress?
gr. Hans


Hi @HansS

Thanks a lot This was the solution I wanted. you’re great :wink: :+1: :+1: :+1:


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