How to write in a table with some conditions

Hi all,
I have a table like this:


And I want to write in this table the relative Name for each ID in all rows. So for example I should obtain this:


How can I do that?

Hello @giad,

if those question marks represent missing values in KNIME (missing values in KNIME are denoted as red questions marks) then Missing Value node with Previous Value option should do the trick :wink:
(This will work under assumption that each ID group at first has name value.)



Thanks Ipazin, I forgot to tell you one important thing:

I do not have the name for all ID. The name is present only if the event = enroll. If there is no the event enroll, I do not have the name. And I cannot use what you say otherwise I associate previous value also to ID that should be empty because they do not have event = enroll…

Can you understand me? I think I need a rule previously on the event= enroll maybe…

hi @giad,

@ipazin 's approach was a perfect solution for your shown example.
For the more complex case of not having an “ENROLL”-row as the first one for an ID, you have to

  • filter the data for “ENROLL”-values
  • group by ID
  • append the Name for each group to the dataset
  • define a rule to overwrite the Name in first place

please find a workflow attached.
That should also be useable in case the ENROLL-value is not the first one in the order of values for an ID.
replace Name by Group Value.knwf (14.1 KB)

hope that helps, regards, Tommy


Great it works!
Many thanks

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