How to write my chart to some location in a jpg format


I want to save my chart as a .jpg file image to jpeg.knwf (36.7 KB) . But the Image Writer (Port) only supports the .png format.
In the KNIME Image Processing liberay there is an other Image Writer node, that supports various formats. But there is no connection possible between the Bar Chart node and the Image Writer.

My question is: how to write my chart to some location in a jpg format?
Schermafdruk van 2022-08-30 09-24-59

gr. Hans

Did you try the PNG Image to ImgPlus – KNIME Hub

I did not use the image processing a lot, but I think if you first use the Image to Table and than the png image to imgplus, than you can use image writer node.


@HansS it can work as @Iris has suggested. But you have to see about the quality of the image. There seem to be problems with transparent settings sometimes:


Thank you @Iris and @mlauber71, this helps me to convert the plots to jpg format (so it can be viewed when used as an attachment with the Send Email node). And it seems indeed

as you can see with this screenshot. The line graph is doing way better than the bar chart (both are same configured the same). But for now this is ok (using the Line Plot).

gr. Hans

But @HansS why can’t you attach a png to the email instead?


Hi @Iris, I can attach a png file to an email, but I it is not displayed (Outlook, mobile device) when received .
The file format is not supported.

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