How to Write to JSON Column Type PostgreSQL

Hello KNIME Support Team!

I am facing a problem while writing a column existing in Josn format to a table in PostgreSQL.

I checked through several examples and found that I need to create the type of the column as JSON first with “DB Table Creator”. In the case of “DB Table Creator(deprecated)” node, I can create the column as json type as shown below.

However, in the regular “DB Table Creator” node, you cannot put the data in josn form because the Column type does not provide a json type.

Since we cannot use the deprecated node for security reasons, is there any way to select the json type option in the regular “DB Table Creator” node?


Hi @JaeHwanChoi -

This seems strange. I’ll ask internally and see what I can find out.

Hello @JaeHwanChoi ,
the Column Type selection box is also editable. You have to click inside the name and not on the arrow on the right to add a new column type. So you can simply type in json. It also remembers previously entered types per DB type. So next time you open the dialog you will be able to select json from the list.


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