How to write weka apriori algorithm results to file or another source !!!!

Hi everyone :)

I created a workflow for apriori algorithm and i get very useful results.

but weka apriori node doesnt have output port or i dont know how to use this node's output port.

of course i can use view weka node view option for see the results but i want to write this results to the file and parse it and use this results to my code.

Please help me. how can i write apriori node's results to anywhere?

can i use different way for do this ?





Hey bugra10ur,

I don't know a way to do this, but I have a better solution:

There is a native KNIME node that implements the same algorithm. The Association Rule Learner is also based on the Apriori-algorithm and should give at least a similar output. And there are several nodes that allow you to use these rules automatically.