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We got the Dose Response node working, but are left with some issues.

- how can we read the model port ?
Simply opening it will result in

Could not apply 'summary' to port object saved in R model file:

and the grey port does not seem to be compatible with anything.


- Is there a way to get other statistical data in the parameter table?
We are looking specifically for Top, Bottom, Hillslope, and if possible: Standard Deviation

With the KNIME 2.7 those R model ports can be consumed with all R nodes with the R/Local category. For example the R to Table node loads your model into R and you can extract the properties into a R table which will be available at the out-port. But this has to be done manually inside the node configuration of this node.

The model port should be compatible with the 'Generic' R nodes from the R scripting extension. Just try to connect it to the Generic OpenInR node and you can investigate its content.

There might be the possibility to extract more parameters, but therefore it would be necessary to edit the R code of each single Dose Response node. I'll have to look into that. We might also think about adding those parameters generally but I'll have to find some time to do this...

Hi Ellert,

I am also struggling to get the Dose-Response node working. Would you care to share an example workflow that shows me how to format the input data?

I'm also interested in the output you requested (top, bottom, Hill, SD). Have any advancements been made here?


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