How we can speed up data query from DB(Oracle) node Database Reader(Legacy)

Hi everyone,
I got some issues with the speed to query data from Oracle DB.
I use Database Reader (Legacy) to query data from a database. It is very very slow…you can see the pics I attached (or it was about Caching row setting?) …So, can we have the way to speed it up or any way to do? Please help. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hello @cppong,

have you tried the new DB Framework? It even has dedicated Oracle Connector node.



Could you use the non-legacy versions? Deprecated or Legacy nodes tend to be slower, but it’s a case-by-case basis.


@cppong you could try and read the data in chunks like in this example:


Hi Victor @victor_palacios
Thanks for the advice.

As I checked, I didn’t see the non-legacy for the Database Connector node. :no_mouth: So, how I can get that node? See my captured pics.
2022-04-08 10_10_44-KNIME Analytics Platform

I use KNIME version 4.2.0
Thanks again.

Never try this before. Thanks a lot @ipazin

Thanks a lot @mlauber71 for an example of the script.

KNIME has gotten an overhaul of the DB framework with version 4.1. The nodes also got new names, they’re now called “DB something”:

You should update to the newest version your company allows you to. There’re new features, more speed and, most importantly: easier support on the forum :wink:

Also, as a general rule, versions x.y.0 should not be used for production purposes. Those version focus on new features and thus have the highest risk of introducing undetected bugs. source:


Thanks so much @Thyme I had checked it and found the database name will be DB… as you shown in the pics.

@ipazin Bingo !! I found the new DB version (instead use Legacy) & implemented all the DB connectors & SQL reader. It’s very fast to query. My problem was solved now. Thanks again and thanks to others for the great help! :smiley: :grin: :smile:


Thanks for all of your help. It solved now ^^

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