How would I know "What features are selected?" Using Forward feature selection

I am absolutely new to this. I have two question
What features are selected?
** Is there anything wrong during this feature selection process?**
where can I see this data?
I loaded the dataset using “read_csv” node, then I use “forward feature selection” node and executed both.

When I right-click on the “Forward Feature Selection” node, I can see that it has a “result table” and “filter table” at the bottom
Attached snapshot for your reference .

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Hello Praveer1981,

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In the screenshot you have attached, ‘Forward Feature Selection’ is a metanode comprising of multiple nodes. You can see the content of the metanode by double-clicking on it.

If you are using the Performing a forward feature selection workflow from the KNIME hub, you can double-click the ‘Feature Selection Filter’ node within the metanode and see how the features are selected.

‘result table’ consists of all the different combinations of features tested using the Feature Selection Loop Start (1:1) node with a selected model learner and predictor nodes (eg: Naive Bayes).

‘filter table’ only has the features that are filtered out using the ‘Feature Selection Filter’ node.


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