How XML reader node works

Hello everyone,

I am new on knime and in XML type file.

Sorry if i put this topic in the wrong place.


I want to read an XML file with the node XML reader.

I set my entry file, without setting XPATH query.
Then, just to check the output, i use an html table node.

The problem is that the output is a table with only one column containing the whole text (literaly) of the XML file.

I hoped that XML reader will read the file.XML and return a table with each information in different columns. But maybe i misunderstood something.

Do i have to write XPATH query, and specify that i want each information in a column i defined ?
Can someone explain me the right way to use this node ?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Bboe,

You are correct, you will need to define an Xpath query. You can do this in KNIME with the XPath node. For an example on ow to do this, please see here:



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Hi Roland,

Thank you for your answer, I'll test it asap.