Howto dynamically extend node model and dialog


I'm a newbie, but have successfully implemented an IO Node with a static node model using defaultnodesettings components in the dialog. The node is very generic and to make it more user friendly I need to retrieve some metadata from our server solution first, which I currently do in the dialog. Depending on that data I need to extend the node dialog and the model, however, I cannot create new dialog components, because I cannot bind them to a settings model, because it doesn't exist yet in the model and I don't know how I can create it dynmically. I'm afraid I'm missing something here. Any suggustions howto deal with such a situation would be highly appreciated.



Just found a (rather ugly) solution by misusing a SettingsModelStringArray to pass key/value pairs between dialog and model, which then need to be parsed/split in the model and can then be used to dynamically extend the model. Dynamically extending a dialog built of defaultnodesettings components with new controls can be done, but looks quite ugly, because I didn't find a way to place the newly added controls between the existings controls. They always get added to the last (open) group. So I'll probably have to leave the defaultnodesettings approach behind an go for a NodeDialogPane implementation.