howto import CDATA section of a XML file?

is it possible to read a CDATA section of an XML file and preserve the CDATA section? When I read attached file (via XML reader), the CDATA section is parsed and converted (">" gets “>” (ampersand gt semicolon) ) and when I export it again, it is gone forever.
Best, Hinnerk
CDATA_test_molecules.xml (2.7 KB)

Hi @Hinnerk

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A CDATA section is just a “nice add-on” when you want to avoid escaping dozens of reserved characters. What the XML Reader does is turn the CDATA into a normal string with escaped characters. Semantically this is identical. The XML Writer writes the encoded string - without CDATA - but the document has exactly the same meaning. So unless any of the applications you use expects a stated CDATA section, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Best, Alice


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