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I’m looking for a efficient solution to build a managerial hierarchy from a “flat” structure. See attachment for input structure and wanted output structure. I managed to do it with several joins and column operators but I ended up having to do the final touches in excel.

Is there a better more sustainable way?

Question.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Hi @LostInTheFlood

See this wf hierarchy.knwf (59.3 KB).
With the Reference Row splitter and Joiner nodes you can create a chain to step upwards in the hierarchy, so starting with employees without a manager, until you reach the top (the employee with no manager linked).

In the end no Excel needed :partying_face:
gr. Hans

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interesting :slightly_smiling_face:
I will give it a try on my data set and let you know.

br /T

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It didn’t fully give me the result I wanted as my data set seems to be more “complex”. Sometimes it will end on N3 and sometimes on N6 etc.

I found this thread however, Parent-Child Hierarchy, that works. I just need to figure out how to reverse the logic so I get top manager to the far left and then descending order. To do that I need to understand what is happening in that flow and that will not be easy :joy:

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