HTML code in the Text Output node to link to an internal shared folder


I’d like to provide a link on the Webportal to a help file which is stored on an internal shared folder

I’ve used code like:

Please open the help manual by clicking [here]

The above URL works when you paste it into the address bar of the web browser directly. but nothing happens when you click on the Link on the WebPortal.

Can anyone suggest code that would work? If it helps i can move the file we’re trying to link to any location on the Server on which our knime server sits…?

Thanks in advance!

Snapshot of the type of code on the Text Output node:

URLs must not contain backslashes. Try using forward slashes instead.

Many thanks for the suggestion Thomas. I’m afraid changing all the slashes to forward slashes doesn’t make a difference - the link still doesn’t open when you click on the URL on the webportal whereas if you simply paste the URL in the Address bar it opens without issue…?

Hi Micha,

can you check some things for me?

  1. can you right click on the link and say copy link and paste this in the Address bar, is this working?
  2. If not, can you inspect the underlying HTML? And check if the link looks correct there?

Thank you! Iris

Hi Iris,

Thanks for your message. Option 1 above works fine and opens the required location when you right click on the link on the WebPortal and paste it in the address bar.

I should add (not sure whether I mentioned this before) that we’re still working of the Knime-Server v4.6.1 if that helps…?