HTML email template to use in knime email

Before I create the topic regarding the using template for email in below address:

But, Now I need to design a email template (preferably bootstrap email template and so on) and feeding this template with some data which has published in knime workflow and send to targeted point. for instance I need to send an alaram with our company email template to some people and in this alarm I put some KPI or trend.

To develop this item I shoudl using Python or javascript?
Is there any other idea?


Hi @natanzi,

not sure if i understood your question correctly.
You can Insert your normal company html template to the KNIME Email node or just create a new email e.g. in Outlook with the exact layout and text you want -> then just copy & paste it into the Email node.

Then set everything you want to have variable through flow variables e.g. just the number of your KPI or a whole html part of the mail

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