html page that knime open by default

Hi there,

Maybe another trivial one but : every time I open Knime, a local temp file on the default browser (file:///C:/Users/…/AppData/Loca/Temp/intro13649806499370594644.html). It shows nothing and it’s absolutely useless :

Is there a way to avoid it to open automatically ?

Many thanks :blush:

As far as I can remember you could change that in the ini file in KNIME.

Hi @Fra_S3k_knime

As @Daniel_Weikert mentioned, you can set this in the knimi.ini

  • Go to your knime installation directory.
  • Open the knimi.ini.
  • Add -Dknime.show_welcome_page=false
  • Save the file.
  • Close and open KNIME again.


Thank you so much, it worked perfectly !

By the way, where can I found more guidance on Knime configuration ?

Again, many thanks !

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