HTTP Retriever no Result

Hello community,

I have problems to get results form the following hompage:

If I retrieve this website, I get this Warning:

WARN  HttpRetriever        2:19       Error retrieving Exception peer not authenticated for URL "": peer not authenticated

I tried to check  "Accept all SSL certificats", but it didn't work either.




Any ideas?

Any ideas?

The problem is likely the server which uses a wrong or expired SSL certificate.

The "Accept all SSL certificates" option works for most cases, but there are unfortunately some, where it still fails (we already have a large ticket in our issue tracker of cases, where it fails :) ).

Debugging these issues and building workarounds such as the "Accept all SSL certificates" is unfortunately very time consuming, and as the Palladian nodes are a non-profit community project, my temporal priorities are on different ventures currently.

If it's important to you, I can offer two options: (1) I can give you access to the Palladian repo and you can build and contribute a bugfix yourself, (2) we're open to sponsored development, where we develop the feature for you.

Let me know in case that's interesting.


Hello Phillip,

I think I’m having the same issue from the below URL:

After TableCreater(Node) in HTTPRetriever(Node) I am not getting any result. In Result column i am getting “?”.

Please can you tell me, is there way to resolve this or any other guidance.


This URL works fine for me (HttpRetriever, current KNIME, current Palladian, no further config. necessary)

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Yes! It’s working in current KNIME version.
Thank You so much!!

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Great to hear, thanks for letting me know!

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