So , I am trying to extract info from some link - the problem is with knime I am getting:


		<p>While when entering link in a browser I am getting positive result: (just an example in this case). Anyone gets the same error while putting below as column and then using column in HTTP Retriever? Weird indeed - any info what could it be?</p>



The link does not work with Internet Explorer but it works with Waterfox / Chrome... Anyone has experience with this kind of problem? 

After further investigation - I have managed to find settings in Preferences/XML/XML Catalog and:

Is not on the list (Only Could it be the reason? No idea, but would be greateful for any info on this.



I assume you will need to send an "Accept" HTTP header with your request (e.g. with "application/xml" as value), as this is not set by default in the HttpRetriever.


Yep, that was actually it. Figure it out myself at the end but thanks anyway! XML at the end fixed the stuff...

Great to hear, thanks for getting back.

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