HttpRetriever statusCode=500 error solution help for

Hi everyone;
I want to get data from the web page, but I can’t get it. Sample workflow is attached. I need help.


KNIME_project_x.knwf (17.4 KB)

Hi @umutcankurt,

Just had a quick look at your workflow. You are trying to fetch the below URL using KNIME’s GET Request Node and Palladian’s HttpRetriever Node:

Please put the URL in your browser and see what you get. The server throws an exception and responds with a 500 Internal Server Error. This is exactly what the nodes also tell you in KNIME. To to wrap up: The server-side produces an error as a result to your request. Please reach out to them to figure out what is going on on their end.

Hi @danielesser
The page image I want to take is as follows. If you click the link directly, but the home page does not result in a link with cookies. I’ve already tried to add it to the workflow. The page shows the normal way in my browser. But in the workflow, the cookie handles data, but no? this can cause.

Is there anyone who has an idea or is there any solution? :thinking:

I still haven’t figured it out. Isn’t there anyone to help? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As already stated above by @danielesser, 500 are server-side errors. If the request is formed correctly, this is a bug or issue with the corresponding website.

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Thanks for the answer, I solved with Selenium nodes. It was easier and guaranteed solution. :+1:

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