HttpRetriever - throws and does not fetch the site in KNIME 2.12.2 but works in 2.11.3


trying to retrieve a side ( via the HttpRetriever fails and the following message is shown:

WARN  HttpRetriever        2:11       Error retrieving Exception for URL "":

You can easily reproduce this error on  KNIME 2.12.2 (I have OS Win7 ) with the following WF:

'Table Creator -> HttpRetriever' - using the link as the only cell in the Table Creator node

Executing this WF under KNIME 2.12.2 results in the above WARN - Error and no result is fetched (the 'Result' column is empty '?')

But executing this WF under KNIME 2.11.3 works fine - no WARN and the Result is fetched!!!


Hi Erich,

unfortunately I have no Windows machine at hand for testing, however running your workflow with your provided URL in KNIME 2.12.2 on OS X works fine for me. 

Do other URLs work? Are you within a company network which requires specific proxy configuration?


Hi Philipp,

yes I encountered the problem described on a company machine, using some proxy settings. But I performed my tests (as described) on the same machine - with both KNIME versions (even running them in parallel)!

Furthermore I reproduced my findings on another (company) PC, starting with 2.11.3 (everything fine) and than upgrading to 2.12.2 - with the result described!

Missing/wrong proxy configs was one of my first thoughts, but I have not found some new/additional/etc. settings for Paladin nodes in 2.12.2 - have I missed something?




Hi Erich,

Palladian's proxy configuration is picked from the Eclipse/KNIME configuration, and we haven't changed anything within Palladian recently (at least knowingly ;-) ). Have you checked, whether your settings in Preferences -> General -> Network Connections are identical on the working/non-working KNIME instance?

If that does not help, it would be very helpful if you could attach a DEBUG log output when running the workflow with the HttpRetriever (enable DEBUG level in Preferences -> KNIME -> KNIME GUI). It should give some output about the proxy config. used.


There was a regression concerning proxy handling in recent versions. It should be fixed with today's update. Let me know if it works for you.

Hi Phillipp,

yes, with the update it works - with 2.12 and 3.1.