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I’m writing to give an update of this problem that I posted two years ago, thanks to Tobias, his method using “DB Table Creator” to define the size of nvarchar columns before DB writing works well.

I actually ignored the issue that I posted (am using legacy database writer) these years, today when I’m trying to optimize one of my workflow by replacing the legacy database writer (which is slower) to DB writer I recalled this issue again, and this time I managed to follow Tobias’s method, and it works to write correct Chinese charators into the database!

All I need to do is:
create the correct DB table by setting nvarchar(255) (doesn’t need nvarchar(max) actually) in DB Table Creator node, of course I need to de-check the “use dynamic setting” checkbox before doing this. Then use DB Writer or DB Inserter to write the table, change type mapping to “string → nvarchar” before writing.

Thanks Tobias! A late appreciation…


Thanks for posting an update! It’s always nice to see longstanding issues like these get resolved. :slight_smile:

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