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Dear KNIME Community,

Currently I have installed KNIME Server 4.10.1 on Azure, using the template provided in the Azure Marketplace.
Next to that, I have managed to retrieve a certificate via Let’s Encrypt using the following guide.

Right now I have a safe connection with a signed certificate when I explicitly state to connect to the web interface using https. However I would like to automate the redirect from http to https (only for the /knime url) but haven’t found a proper way to do that using generic Tomcat documentation or via a thread on this forum.
I’m suspecting this has to be configured in the server.xml file, but would like to get some help in finding the correct configuration.


Hi Lars,

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Please find the topic how to setup encrypted communication on the KNIME server here:

For the redirection of the http connection to the configured https in the server.xml you have to use the redirectPort option on the http connector as described here:

There are many how tos on the web giving more detailed instructions, just google for “apache tomcat enforce https redirectport”.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks! I haven’t been in the opportunity to try this option, but will give it a shot and report you back later!