we tried to read an rss fead into KNIME, but would need authentication since the feed is based on https.

We found the HttpRetriever from Palladium, but here we could not add a user authentification.

How could we achieve this?





the node does not support this, currently. I put it on our issue tracker, but I don't have temporal resources in the short term to add this functionality. Sorry.


Good evening,

I came up with a simple solution which should fix your issue: The FeedParser now (i.e. in the current nightly build which should be available by tomorrow via the update site) allows you to input XML documents and parse them to feeds. This way, you can use the "GET Resource" node from the REST nodes to download the document and parse it using our feed parser. The GET Resource supports authentication (can be set in the node's dialog).

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the fast reply!

We will give it a try.