Hub: Add Tier to Share Reports privately


Maybe I get something wrong about the Hub but I see no option to share reports generated by Knime.

Since the HTML/PDF exports are immature because images get cropped (reported in other topics already) but these static files lack the awesome interactivity, I’d very welcome an option to upload reports and privately share them with clients.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Hi @mwiegand,

You can create a private Hub space with your Community Hub account and share it with other Hub users.
Also, you can write the report PDFs directly to your Hub spaces using the KNIME custom URL in the Report PDF Writer:
knime://My-KNIME-Hub/Users/<your Hub username>/<space name>/.../test.pdf

You need to be logged in to your Hub account in AP to be able to access your spaces.

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Hi @armingrudd,

the idea revolves around the nice interactivity and the intent to not share a workflow either because of keeping business secrets or simply because it can be challenging for clients to install, configure and run Knime for the sole purpose of getting a report.

Having the option to upload the calculated results, with no compute features like fetching and recalculating data but only basic filter functionality, to share interactive reports with clients would sit right in-between the tiers “Individuals” (no run / automate feature) and “Team” (run & automate feature).

It would allow to gradually build up a business, helping to transition from the free tier to the first costing almost 1.200 Euro annually.

Can you follow my point?


So, if I understood you correctly, you are suggesting to have the composite view on Hub, right? The input would’t change and it’s already executed (optional) and the end user interacts only with the composite view(s) where you could have widgets and charts. Am I right?
This sounds like “Data App” to me which comes with KNIME Business Hub where you can deploy a workflwo as a “Data App” and then share it with other users so they can acess it via their Data Apps Portal.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind. Thanks for rephrasing! The issue with the business hub is that it starts at 35.000 Euro. “Slightly” too expensive for freelancers or anyone who want to establish a foothold in ETL prior to committing to such a financially risk.

To add a bit more context. Over the course of the past years I developed quite a few workflows that give insights into websites (generic issues, SEO, Security, Cookies, you name it), Hotel Reservation Analysis, ETL Processes around Data Transformations between different systems, Data Enrichment, Quality Assessments and more.

As earlier described, clients most often are only interested on the results / reports. Collaboration on the same workflow is not necessary nor requested nor sometimes possible due to IT-restrictions. Remote execution isn’t neither and if, running Knime in batch mode on a VM is, without offense, more affordable than the Teams-Tier.

Reading the fine print, three executor configurations are offered. For each consumed minute 2 (0,10 €), 4 (0,20 €) or 8 (0,40 €) credits are incurred in addition to the base rate of 99 Euro as it seems to not include any starting credits. Running a workflow five minutes each day five times on 30 days incurs an additional 75 € on the lowest tier.

Comparing that with a mid tier, 4vCPU and 16 GB memory which has 175 GB of root volume and 100 GB user volume space already, you’d only pay 75 US-$. As a comparison, the comparative Knime Business Hub would cost 99 base plus 300 Euro execution fee monthly.

In essence, my point is that the current tiers are primarily aimed at teams, which in this perspective is a reasonable price point, but not for the majority of Knimers I believe. Using an AWS Workspace also mitigates the “limitations” of available nodes / extensions in the business hub. It also is unclear if it’s possible to install other extensions such as Palladian, Selenium or others which I love to use from the very beginning.

PS: I noticed one of your internal scripts is being blocked by an AdBlocker likely due to it’s given name. That causes your landing page to not render …