Hub execution fails, local execution no issue

Hi all,

A flow which runs fine on a local system doesn’t execute on the hub. execution fails due to empty nodes (which doesn’t happen locally ofcourse).
It fails on the last nodes in the flow according to the notification, but it doesn’t make much sense (to me).
see the flow:

the error message:

I attached the logs too.

PS: quirky thing: If I reset the component which calls a REST API it fails, if I upload the flow without resetting that specific component it runs fine.

990bd58f-6653-4374-9bd4-c08168cc504c_job.log (660.5 KB)

I figured out it has to do something with this: the call returns a new column which the following nodes are failing on:

Hello @Jasper_VIVISOL ,

did you configure any proxy in your local Analytics Platform and/or on your KNIME Business HUB installation?

If so, what are these settings?


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@Jasper_VIVISOL at a first glance it seems that a particular node expects a certain column (“error_message”) which is not present when executing the workflow in the system where the workflow fails.


org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: Config for key “error_message” not found. in “String to Date Time”

could it be that this error message is coming from some REST Service?Either way, what you can do is to save the failed job from B-Hub to AP for further inspection (should be available in the job list context menu for a job, either on the workflow or in the execution context).

Does this help?


PS: In the near future, we’ll release a new feature, which allows you to open jobs directly on Business Hub - will make debugging much smoother.

Hi @christian.birkhold, @dora_gcs,

Thank you for your insights, great tip regarding the save job option. It showed me the POST request didn’t fail on error but returned missing values. With that turned off the error became more apparent.

The hub seems to have issues with hostnames, I replaced them with the server IP’s which resolved the issue.
It is curious though because it worked before.

Hi Jasper,

glad to hear that you figured it out - but still curious what’s going on with your hostnames. I’ll forward your comment to our B-Hub team and check if they have any insights.


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