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uncertain if it belongs in this category but #i could not find another more fitting …

One of my most clicked solutions is ending in dead end:

Wrong,%20dynamically%20extract%20data%20and%20combine%20everything 211


During the name change last year this might not have been addressed correctly for all resulting in many broken hub links. Not quite certain if you have a 404 tracking on place but the Hub actually responds with a 500 Internal Server Error.

In case you need some assistance in resolving the issue, let me know. Automatic 404 to 301 creation via Knime was one of the many things I created not so long ago :wink:


Hi @mwiegand -

I can check on this. Just to be clear, this is a result of a requested a name change from you last year - or something we did on our side? That will help me know who I should track down to ask :slight_smile:

Good morning @ScottF,

apologize for my unusual late reply. The whole family got Covid and starting to feel better only now.

Quite some time ago the forum handle was changed due to an update or policy change? Back then I had a very short handle “mw” which was not compliant. Someone from the team, as I could not update my handle, helped me out altering it to the one I have now.


Thanks for the heads up about the 401 vs 500 issue. Someone’s looking at that now.

For the redirect issue I checked on that too, and right now we don’t have a simple way of adding redirects associated with name changes, unfortunately. As long as items stay within a space, they are always correctly redirected to, e.g. when they are moved between workflow groups, but that doesn’t help in this case. The best short term fix is probably to edit those links manually. Not very satisfactory, I know.

Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks @ScottF and no worries. Not much of a trouble for me but more for those who are in search of a solution. Unfortunately I can not edit that post anymore as it’s locked. Though, I am a fan of doing things right :wink:

Question would be, as the implications for the forum could be much more far reaching, do you have the means or an idea how to quantify the issue? Maybe it’s a single point of error, maybe it’s an issue is not quite neglectable but will also grow more severe over time.

In this case it’s because of the single name change, which is something we usually try really hard to avoid. We’re working on some back-end changes that should (hopefully!) make this much less of a problem in the future.

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