Hub links from forum and google searches broken

I am finding that all links from the forum that reference the hub (i.e. links to workflows and components ) in past messages are currently broken.

Likewise a search from google such as takbb knime hub components, which would get me to my hub space is broken:

I know there was a “maintenance window” announced for last Friday. Is this still ongoing?

So for example what used to be
is currently

Hopefully this is just a temporary situation, because at the moment, as far as I can see all forum posts directing people to example workflows and some of the amazing resources that other people have built up are all currently broken

e.g. see try accessing link from this post:

or this

or the component link here:

Hello there, thank you for letting us know.
We noticed broken links from the forum as well and we are currently working on a fix for this!

Will keep you updated!


@tschmidt one can still search for the unique IDs and then one can find the missing workflow, but the URL is different.

Also the ‘full’ URL would no longer work without the extension of the individual ID.

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Dear @takbb @mlauber71 ,

we released a fix on to make the links working again. I checked the links from the examples in the post above and they seem to work again.

Let us know if you notice anything else!


Thanks @tschmidt, the links I’ve tried are good again.

I’ve noticed though that for about the past hour the forum has slowed down considerably. Actions such as saving a post or even browsing the forum can take many seconds, where normally it is instant. Is this related, or is there something else occurring? I’m seeing this on both my home pc, and also on my work laptop. Other sites seem fine and my broadband speed is well up, so I assume it’s not local to me)

A banner eventually popped up that the forum was under extreme load so someone was probably trying to brute force their way in to steal some data :wink:

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That was probably me going through testing every historic forum link to the hub :wink:

(before I get thrown out, I’m just kidding :slight_smile: )


We just restarted the underlying infrastructure. We will keep investigating what happened.

Thank you for reporting :slight_smile: