Hypothesis nodes accepting growth column types - improvement request


is it possible to include an option in the hypothesis nodes for growth factor columns (I.e. columns of logarthmic scale).

i say this as the t-tests can only be undertaken on quantifiable columns (columns which increase or decrease by quantity amounts) and cannot be undertaken on growth columns (columns which increase or decrease by factors).

i appreciate the workaround is to treat all growth columns by taking the logarthmic value, running the t-test and then taking the antilog of the resultant confidence interval values to know what the true mean range is, etc. (by using the Maths node).

however it is not especially user friendly, it would be good to have this option to run under the bonnet of the hypothesis nodes, so to speak.

Reason I ask for this is that in pharma you are often dealing with growth factor columns such as activity values in nM, or solubility in mg/ml. You are often looking for x fold increases or decreases rather than quantity increases or decreases.