I am getting error on the feature annotation node in Knimet

I am getting this error when using the feature annotation node in Knimet ‘Joiner 0:829:0:659; possible problem in configuration found. The ‘Duplicate Column Handling’ is configured to filter duplicates, but the duplicate columns are not equal since the bottom table has more elements than the top table. Accurate MassSearch 0;829;0:726: errors loading flow v’

I have rechecked my workflow multiple times, opened up the joiner configuration but nothing is helping

Any advice/ suggestions would be much appreciated

Hello @am221 and welcome to the KNIME Community.

Can you upload your workflow and some sample data? It will be hard to diagnose without seeing what’s going on. Dummy data is fine if your actual data is sensitive.

@am221 what would happen if you configure any of the highlighted options. Either add a suffix to a duplicate column or exclude it?

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Dear mauber71,

Many thanks for your reply. I have tried that but I am getting the following error message: ‘there are invalid joining columns’.
The top and bottom exclude filters are empty
I have attached a screen shot below:

Joiner error.pptx (623.8 KB)

Dear Thyme,

Many thanks for your reply.
I have attached my workflow and the data I am using, including the top and bottom data tables

I’d be grateful for your advice

Many thanks
Joiner error.pptx (3.3 MB)

@am221 this very much sounds like the columns you are trying to match would not be compatible (string, number …). You might want to check that on the tabe “Joiner settings”.

Dear @mlauber71
Can you please let me know how I can do this. I can’t seem to find where I can check the compatibilities of the tables
Many thanks

You can find them here:

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I don’t seem to have that option:

I see, you’re probably using an older version of KNIME. Your Joiner probably looks like this:

While since KNIME v4.2 it looks like this:

There’s nothing wrong with that per se, the new Joiner produces the same results. It has more settings though and, I think, way more speed.
I recommend upgrading to a newer version, but if you can’t do that, you’ll have to have a look at the data types of your joining columns yourself and ensure that they’re the same type.