i am on the right way?

The vehicle master data (Fahrzeugstammdaten) should be supplemented with the LSVA data (costs, km, etc … the internal number should also be entered to match the license plate number.

The tables are to be summarized for the rest of raw (Rest Roh) and contract driver raw (Vertragsfahrer Roh).

After that, the costs should be determined for each internal number according to the branch office etc. and then show the whole thing in a diagram.

Am I on the right path?

How can I then output the finished Dataset again and display, it would also be good back in Excel so that I can further process.

i get stuck now, i dont know whts the next step

How i can Upload my first Projekt?

Hi @Juergen72,

not quite sure if I can follow where your problem lies.
Could you maybe provide an example on how your input data looks and how the final output should look like?

I think for your supplement data with X you should look at:

For data summary you can look at the GroupBy Node:

For Excel Data loading look at:

For writing the final data to a new Excel check out the Excel Writer:

In general you can try to look in Nodepit or Knimehub for nodes you need (as well as examples using these nodes)
E.g. the basic examples from the KNIME colleagues: Examples — NodePit


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