I CANNOT install Knime 2.8.0 on Windows 7 Service Pack 1

I just downloaded and tried to install KNIME 2.8.0 (I tried both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions).
I get an error when I try and start KNIME:
Error Mounting KNIME Example Server
Unable to connect to KNIME's public example server:
Connection failed: org.img.CORBA.OBJ_ADAPTER: vmcid: SUN minor code: 202
completed: No
Then, KNIME does go ahead and start, and I see the Tips & Tricks window.  However, I am unable to create a new KNIME workflow.
An error hs occurred.  See error log for more details.
Any ideas why this does not work?  I have had KNIME 2.6 installed previously without any issues.
Thank you!

Did you check the log for more details? The first error message indicates that you are behind a firewall and cannot reach the example server.