I don't know how use server's company

I use knime on my PC, but datas and workflow now are too heavy: the workflow take about 1 hour to finish…

Do you have any suggest in order to move the “computation” on the server of my company?

I can install knime on the server, move all datas there and create the workflow there, but i don’t know if solutions like this are possible:

  • knime installed on my pc
  • datas are on my pc
  • computations is on the server

What can I read about?
Thanks Guys and Girls!

Hi @gcas,

Thank you so much for pinning your query here. The solution like you mentioned is possible. KNIME Server in nutshell lets you do exactly what you require and plus a lot more.

However, if KNIME Server is not an option then, you can move data to any database server, for instance MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc. Then you can use the extensive collection of “DB” based nodes to do your computations on the server and control workflows from your pc. This is one work around I know of in this case.


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