I don't see my past content

Hallo everybody,

I have sent 3 posts (17 06 and earlier) and they are not in the list of formum posts.  I've conversate

(as I remember) with David Ko and marco_ghislanzoni about "irregular data set" 

Can anyone halp me?

cheers jb

Hi jb,

I remember that, but your post is indeed gone. I cannot find it even in my history of the posts I replied to.

Either it was accidentally deleted or something is going wrong with the forum. You may want to contact the administrators to have them investigate.


Dear jb,

I am really sorry, i also remembered your post and cannot find it anylonger. I will check with our webmaster if we can recreate the page. This was the original page?



Best regards, Iris

Dear Jb,

please excuse but I am not able to recover the post. Please take my appologies, I must have accidentially deleted it while deleting spam posts....

If you repost your question I am more than happy to help you find a solution.

Sorry for all this hassle,

Best regards, Iris


es it is, but "You are not authorized to access this page." You means me. 

Best regards