I have 4 Excel Files and I have manage to match all the columns. How do I merge these 4 Excel files into one?


  1. Renamed the columns to the same for File 1 & 2
  2. Cell split the columns for File 3 & 4
  3. Rename the columns to the same for File 3&4
  4. Append the files into on excel (add on) ← I am not sure to use which node, I tried Concatenate and joiner but it doesn’t work.

Hi @Nimisha1986, welcome to the KNIME community.

If the output of all the Column Renamer nodes that you have pictured is a table with the same column names, then the Concatenate node is a suitable solution.

You can add multiple ports by clicking the “…” on the icon so that all four branches can be connected to it


You said that Concatenate “doesn’t work”. Can you elaborate. What was the problem?

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Hey thanks I manage to resolve this issue. it seems that my concatenate did not load earlier.

Thanks a million I managed to get the node working because previously there was some issue with Concatenate node

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