I have a query about the fuzzy logic algorithm, but I can't find how to output the membership functions in KNIME


Hi @hechifa39 -

I must confess Iā€™m not very familiar with this node. Can I ask where you are getting the graph you posted from?

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This drawing is in the Matlab program

@hechifa39 could you explain in more detail what you want to do. The model exported from the node would contain such rules that can be applied to new data. I do not think you can extract them at the moment.

The learner node (Fuzzy Rule Learner ā€“ KNIME Hub) also does export

Rules with fuzzy intervals in each dimension, classification columns, and additional rule measures.

at the upper table node. Though I am not sure how to interpret them. Maybe you have a sample use case that might illustrate what you want to do.


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