I have Completed L1-Ap Course

Hi I have just completed L1-AP course and passed the certification for that. Now I have decided to complete Data Analyst path with KNIME, I am looking for L1-DA, L2-DA, L3_Da course.


Congratulations on finishing the course! The Data Analyst path is the one with the DS abbreviation, so L1-DS and L2-DS. You can find those courses here: KNIME Learning Center | KNIME.
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Hi there , thanks for reply.
I am wondering if DS is same as the path for L1- DA.

Maybe I am not up-to-date, but I am not aware of any L1-DA course. It also does not turn up on google or in our KNIME-internal channels
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Hi @mussaussie , glad to hear that you decided to complete our Data Analyst path!
Here is the current course offer

As you can see, the basic L1-AP course is common to all the learning paths. For Data Analysts, the next one on the list would be L2-DA. We currently do not offer it as a self-paced course on our learning management system, but only offer it from time to time online as instructor-led course.
You are actually pretty lucky because there is a session scheduled next week! Have a look here :point_down:

I hope this answers your question!



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