i have some question for port

hi, i have a question for port.

i read quick start knime guide. i wonder about ports. i studied knime example workflow.

File Reader node has 2 flow variable ports. i think left is input port, right is output port.

i think File Reader node's black triangle is port right? what is difference? attach file's red dot is port and 

black triangle is port too?

The black triangle is the standard outport. There you will find the data (in the form of a table), read by the File Reader node. The red ports are flow variable ports. You can use them to pass additional information (in the form of one or more variables) from node to node.

thank you so much!!

when i send additional data, file format doesn't matched is it possible?

ex) some data format .csv 2x2, other data format csv 4x4

data1                   data2

a,b                       a,b,c,d

1,2                       1,2,3,4


If you have two different CSV files you have to use two different configurations in your File Reader node or, depending on your application, two different File Reader nodes.