I JUST DONT GET IT! Knime from browser

I’d like to use Knime from a browser. Any browser. Without the need to install anything. Storing my datasets online. Running my flows online. The same exact way I use google sheets from anywhere anytime. Just not Gsheets, but all the power of Knime.

I searched and googled but the whole Knime ecosystem is too broad and confusing.
Is there a way to do that? I’m happy to subscribe to a service to get this…

PS: a bit of background. I use Knime for personal use. Small datasets with personal info. I don’t need any collaborative feature. I’m just bothered by the need to work from a specific machine rather that a full cloud-based environment

I remember an announcement a few years back that they were developing in that direction, but haven’t heard anything since.

I might use that feature to help people with forum issues on a mobile device. I work a lot with browser based applications / development, and personally prefer a more stable desktop installation for work. I do think that I would use it though.

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It’s not possible but as iCFO said, there is work going on in that direction.

maybe I’m old but I do not see why it doesn’t work for you as it is? You could just put your workspace on google drive (or comparable) and work from multiple machines that way.

I absolutely can’t see a cloud version being free especially of the actual processing happens in the cloud.

Why is this not here? Or taking os long? KNIME is built and heavily integrated/reliant on the eclipse platform. Moving that out in essence means a rewrite for the enitre platform under a new ecosystem. And likley it will also require every 3rd party node to be rewritten or additional work to be able to use them in the new ecosystem.

I understand this is no easy task and takes time. On the otherhand I don’t really care. Totally fine to run it locally with me.

EDIT: you can also share workflows via knime hub and data files you can sync via google drive. it is not really hard to somehwat get what you want, run same workflows from different machines.
or simply have the workspace on an external usb ssd.

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We faced a similar problem in an enterprise scenario where desktops/laptops were provisioned with a standard image. It didn’t make sense to add software with limited usage to the image, so most of the ‘specialist’ software was provisioned using RemoteApps in Windows Remote Desktop Services. This ran on a reasonably powerful server and allowed expensive compute capacity to be shared between multiple users.

In another scenario we provisioned Azure Virtual Machines and installed the software needed for each employee. This allowed each employee to log on from anywhere to perform their analysis.

In both cases the servers could be firewalled from other corporate services to reduce security risk, which allowed a bit more flexibility on what could and could not be installed on the server/workstation. For example, with Azure VMs we could deploy Python and R which was not possible on a corporate desktop.

If you have a server somewhere you can always install KNIME on it and use VNC Connect or Windows Remote Desktop to access the application (either using a client app or through a web browser).

Whilst it would be nice to have a web-based front end to KNIME, there are plenty of solutions around which provide equivalent functionality.

Hope that helps


Thank you, I’ll try both (VM and GDrive)

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