I keep receiving this error for recursive loop end node

This is the error I keep receiving
ERROR Recursive Loop End 7:80 Execute failed: Cell count in row “Row0#1” is not equal to length of column names array: 11 vs. 9
This is my first time using a recursive loops so im still trying to wrap my head around the logic of the ports and all that. Here is a picture of my workflow. The table is just 2 columns with numbers. Im just trying to understand the recursive loop nodes so I was making a basic trial set up with a test table. But even that simple workflow failed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @lamasewidan and welcome to the Knime Community.

In order to know where to start, can you tell us if you are familiar with Recursion?

And what are you trying to achieve through recursion? Your workflow does not need recursion and cannot use recursion - well technically it can, but you won’t get the expected result (not like I know what you are expecting lol)

EDIT: Here’s a demo of how recursion is applicable:

I watched videos and tutorials for the recursive loop, but this is my first time using it myself. I know that the recursive loop end node has 2 ports, 1 for output and the other to bring back data to the recursive loop start node to be used in the next iteration. In my current workflow which brought me this error I wasn’t trying to achieve any specific logic, I just wanted to know the logic of the recursive loop to be able to use later on. So I created a basic trial table

with a very basic formula to test it

and this would be my final workflow

The loop functions normally and the results are derived
but I find this error in the console
ERROR Recursive Loop End 7:84 Execute failed: Cell count in row “Row0#1” is not equal to length of column names array: 8 vs. 7

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