I need some help for read more than 1 file

Good morning,


I have 9 file in notepads

And I need to collect all these files in a one workflow

How I could do it??

I'm a beginner in Knime so I need some help


Thank you very much.


use "List Files" node and connect it to "Iterate List of Files" metanode.

Do U mean to collect all the files in "List files"?

If you Know or have any video I would be grateful cause I didn't understand it !!


Thank you sooooo much for you answer 

Example in appendix.

So, you just have to:

1. Double-click "List Files" node and paste/browse location which contains your files,

2. Execute "Iterate List of Files" metanode - you should receive and error,

3. Open "Iterate list of Files" metanode,

4. Double-click"File Reader" node,

5. Click "flow variable" button (you can find it near "Browse button"),

6. Select "Use Variable" box and from list, select "Location",

7. Use "Rescan" button,

8. Close with "OK" button,

9. Close "Iterate List of Files" metanode,

10. Re-execute "Iterate List of Files" metanode - no,w you shouldn't receive and error.


It will work, if your all of your files have got same structure.


You can find an example here https://www.knime.com/nodeguide/control-structures/loops/example-for-reading-a-list-of-files 


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