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Brand new to Knime - migrating over from Alteryx so still learning the differences. The question I have is - when I drop the Excel Reader node on the canvas and connect to a file the name of the Node just stays at ‘Node 1’ etc. I see where I can edit that name but is there a way to configure Knime to auto-populate the name of the file so I don’t have to go through a do it manually?

I really appreciate the help!

Look at trail below:

KNIME can read folder content and uses flow variables as filename parameters.
Previously configured names will stay as is.

Hi @izaychik63. I guess what I’m asking is how to change the name of the Node automatically when its connected to a file. I want my file name populated rather than the default Node name (1, 2, 3, etc.) I know I can manually edit the node name but that’s a bit of a pain when loading a lot of different files. As you can see in the below image I don’t want it to say ‘Node 6’ I want it to populate with the filename of what its pointing to (example.csv).


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There is no standard way to do this on configuration level.

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