I request it again !

  1. The data I work with should be displayed from previous node,

  1. Is there any way to make a package for deployment using deafferent computation quota like data lore, those are highly affordable for individual data science practitioner.

Hi @knime200087 , re your first point, what if you select the previous node and press the table button… Does that help?

(I agree, by the way, that during configuration of a node it often makes more sense to see the output of the previous node than the currently selected node, but having a pop-up floating window of the previous node’s data is at least possible by using that button on the previous node first)

I know this, and this no thandy, I have to go back and forth … not smart job

@@@@There could option I can set the previous data output “On top”

@@@@or I can change the setting to show the me previous output and current output by
tab in bottom output panel.