I stopped receiving emails in my outlook account

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In my team we use the send email node to receive some excel files. It worked perfect, but suddenly I stopped receiving those emails, while it keeps working fine for my partners (we all are supposed to receive these emails in our outlook accounts). Have someone had the same problem before? It is not in my spam folder.


Hi @crodri ,

A few questions to try and get to the root cause:

  1. When did this stop working? Has anything changed with your account since then? Password change?
  2. Does the workflow with the email node finish and complete without any errors?
  3. Can you send us the log files from your KNIME AP for us to take a look at the node executing/not executing?
  4. Can you test the workflow by using another user’s email to forward to, and see if they receive the email?


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Hi, yes I changed my password before it stopped working, it seems as the password change disabled the remotemailbox in my outlook account. The IT team already solved it. Thanks!

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