I want to add sheet in excel file.

Hi All,
Good Afternoon,
I have a problem in knime work flow i want add sheet in a excel file but the condition is that sheet name must be according name not by default value.
Please help me.
For Example:
MY Current Excel File:
Screenshot 2022-05-27 125038

I want Output Like this by knime:
Screenshot 2022-05-27 125222

@mythxAHIR you can choose a specific name for an Excel sheet and you can opt to overwrite the whole Excel file or just the specific sheet if it already exists. If there are problems (within a larger jobs or loop you might be able to force the use of a specific name):

There is a free book and several videos for people coming from Excel to KNIME. You might want to take a look and familiarize yourself with the concepts behind KNIME.

From Excel to KNIME - written by Kathrin Melcher:

and there is this video by the author

KNIME and Excel - what you can and cannot do

An finally I have created a (large) collection abot a lot of use cases and examples about KNIME and Excel (some are advanced) that I have come by over the years - you might explore them as well


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