Idea/Unknown: Queue Functions to process after Completion of Previous

Is there a way to set a discrete list of functions to queue, after the completion of the previous one as it relates to memory usage? If not, how hard would this be to create? Could be awesome for people to be able to step away from their computer and come back to everything done.


Hi Scott,

to be honest I don’t understand your idea. What kind of functions are you talking about?

Anyways stepping away from desk and coming back when everything is done sounds really great :smiley:


Hi Ipazin,

I was wondering if there was a way; or if not hard it would be; to set a queue of actions to take upon completion of the previous action. Not to be confused with clicking execute on the last part of a single, discretely connected series of events.

Take one ‘Line of Functions’ which has 10 processes (file read–>row filter–>column combine, etc…) to a specified final/target output node. This specified output can be executed and all proceeding nodes will be executed in sequential process.

My suggestion/ask is say we have 10 of these “connected line of functions” – is there a way to say “start working on the 2nd line of functions after the completion of the first one” – and so on. In effect, creating a ‘queue function’ from discrete series of connected nodes which are not inter-related.

Why I mention this is sometimes have to wait for a connected-node-line to complete before running the next ones, as the data am working with is so extensive and at max computing power. Would be great to effectively take the next step from ‘execute all nodes within this series’ to ‘execute this series first, and then the next, and the next’.

Hopefully being clear – does this already exist? If not, how hard would it to be to create? Truly the ultimate “set and come back to” type of ability.



the red connection (flow variable connection) is what you’re probably looking for, see Example (9.9 KB).



You guys are the best. Knime is amazing.


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