Identify Bi-Modal Distribution

Hi there,

I want to analyse measurement data in terms of unwanted Bi-Modal distribution of a certain value. Is there a node available which I can use?


I don’t think we have a node that performs this type of test directly, but then again I also don’t think I’m fully understanding your question.

Maybe you could post some example data, and describe in a bit more detail what it is you’re trying to do?

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There is an R package that seems to be helping with that. ‘modes’

You could use that in KNIME and see if you can use the statistics that are provided by this package to make a decision. It also creates a plot where you can visually inspect if there is a Bi-Modal distribution. You might adapt that to test for further distributions.

Please note I am not an expert in these statistics, just built them into a workflow :slight_smile:. The description for the package for example states that for the:

bimodality_coefficient - "The bimodality coefficient has a range of zero to one (that is: [0,1]) where a value greater than “5/9” suggests bimodality. "

So with 0.774 being larger than 0.556 the statistic here would indicate that the distribution is bimodal. And the visual inspection seems to support that.

I was toying around with creating a variable to bring the description into the graphic but gave up for now. You might include that ins some future graphic you might create.

kn_example_r_bimodality.knar (325.7 KB)


Wow, that is what I was looking for!

edit: And it works like a charme. Brilliant

Thank you